About OX

I set out to design something whimsical yet classic. Something etched in like a second skin or a tattoo. For luxury jewelry to feel as comfortable as cashmere yet sexy as silk. Something exquisite for both day and night. For anyone, not everyone.

OX is the ultimate expression of those ideas, and the genesis of OX begins with the hourglass. I reimagined this form as stacked hourglass links in double “O” settings to create the continuity and singularity of Ourglass by OX.

The Ourglass collection is the first four-dimensional diamond jewelry of its kind. The concept will remain the same, as the collection continuously unfolds. Enabled with rotational movement,  each product best expresses itself in tandem with you. As you move, it moves, rousing the senses and mirroring you.

The result is timelessness and adaptivity from a four-dimensional experience.

As a third-generation jewelry designer and gemologist, I am so proud to debut Ourglass by OX. Since 2016, my brother Michael potentiated my vision, insisting I secure patent rights before setting out to build the brand. Six years later, working together as business partners, siblings, and best friends in New York City, we personify OX as duality in harmony.

Much love,
Jessica Busiashvili